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Contact information for EH personnel

Environmental History is a collaboration of professionals from many institutions. On this page we have information about the following:

Editorial staff

Journal Management Group

ASEH representatives
Faisal Husain, Penn State University, Co-Chair
Elizabeth (Scout) Blum, Troy University
Matthew Klingle, Bowdoin College

Forest History Society representatives
Paul Sutter, University of Colorado, Co-Chair
Lisa Brady, Boise State University
Ellen Stroud, Penn State University

Editorial Board

Shen Hou, Renmin University
Mike Dockry, University of Minnesota
Nancy Jacobs, Brown University
Liza Piper, University of Alberta
Myrna Santiago, Saint Mary's University
Stefania Gallini, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Emily O’Gorman, Macquarie University
Sam White, University of Helsinki
Sara Pritchard, Cornell University
Ellen Spears, University of Alabama
Paul Warde, Cambridge University
Rohan D’Souza, Kyoto University
Stéphane Castonguay, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Christine Keiner, Rochester Institute of Technology
Jeremy Vetter, University of Arizona
Peter Mancall, USC
Kendra Smith-Howard, University at Albany
Jakobina Arch, Whitman College
Bart Elmore, Ohio State University
Bathsheba Demuth, Brown University
Robert Gioielli, University of Cincinnati
Simo Laakkonen, University of Turku
Stuart McCook, University of Guelph
Sarah Mittlefehldt, Northern Michigan University
Megan Raby, University of Texas
Sverker Sorlin, KTH Institute of Technology

Subscriptions / memberships

The American Society for Environmental History and the Forest History Society offer a range of options to those interested in joining the major organizations of the field. Subscription to the journal is included in the memberships.

To place an advertisement in Environmental History, please contact the University of Chicago Press.

Past editors

Forest History Newsletter (1957-1973), Journal of Forest History (1974-1989), and Forest and Conservation History (1990-1995)

Elwood R. Maunder, editor-in-chief (1957-1978)
Joseph A. Miller, editor (1964-1969)
Harold K. Steen, editor (1971-1972)
Douglas F. Davis, editor (1973-1975)
Ronald J. Fahl, editor (1975-1984)
Harold K. Steen, editor (1985-1987)
Alice E. Ingerson, editor (1987-1991)
David O. Percy, editor (1992)
Kevin C. Foy, editor (1993-1995)

Environmental Review (1976-1990) and Environmental History Review (1990-1995)

John Opie, editor (1976-1982)
J. Donald Hughes, editor (1983-1985)
William G. Robbins, editor (1986-1988)
John Opie, editor (1988-1992)
Hal K. Rothman, editor (1992-1995)

Environmental History (1996-)

Hal K. Rothman, editor (1996-2001)
Adam W. Rome, editor (2002-2005)
Marc Cioc, editor (2006-2010)
Nancy Langston, editor (2011-2013)
Lisa M. Brady, editor (2012-2019)
Mark D. Hersey and Stephen Brain, co-editors (2020-)

See: Thomas R. Cox, "A Tale of Two Journals: Fifty Years of Environmental History— and its Predecessors," Environmental History 13.1, January 2008, 9-40.

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