January 18, 2018


American Society for Environmental History (ASEH)



The American Society for Environmental History (ASEH) increases understanding of current environmental issues by analyzing their historical background. Founded in 1977, ASEH promotes scholarship and teaching in environmental history, supports the professional needs of its members, and connects its undertakings with larger communities.

Our organization advances a greater understanding of the history of human interaction with the rest of the natural world, fosters dialogue between humanistic scholarship, environmental science, and other disciplines, and supports global environmental history efforts that benefit the public as well as the general scholarly community. It promotes these activities through publication of the peer-reviewed journal Environmental History, annual conferences, scholarly awards and fellowships, online discussions, conversation with other professional societies, and public outreach.

The benefits of membership include the following:

  • Subscription to quarterly journal, Environmental History
  • Subscription to quarterly newsletter, ASEH News
  • Discount at ASEH’s annual conference
  • Participation in Directory of Members and Experts Roster

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$ 55.00 Income Range Under $20,000
$ 65.00 Income Range $20,001-36,000
$ 75.00 Income Range $36,001-60,000
$ 90.00 Income Range $60,001-80,000
$ 110.00 Income Range $80,001 and above $110.00
$1.500.00 Life Membership
$ 40.00 Student Membership
$ 115.00 Dual Membership (for members living in same household – one print copy; two online accounts)

Forest History Society (FHS)

FHS The Forest History Society (FHS) preserves and helps people use the documents of forest history.  Established in 1946, the Society identifies, collects, interprets, and disseminates historical information on the relationships of humans and forests, contributing to informed natural resource decision-making.  It is affiliated with Duke University.

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Its headquarters in Durham, North Carolina is a library and archives that is the primary contact for inquiries from around the world.  The Society encourages scholarship through the peer-reviewed journal Environmental History; distinguished lectureships; searchable databases; an active awards and fellowships program, and a wide selection of publications that reach varied public audiences.  Its archival collections include the records of major forest and conservation organizations; oral histories; maps and news clippings; and over 25,000 historic photographs.  These primary materials are the basis of its middle school curriculum “If Trees Could Talk.”

The benefits of membership include the following:

  • Subscription to quarterly journal, Environmental History
  • Subscription to The Forest Timeline newsletter
  • Subscription to the Forest History Today magazine
  • Complimentary copy of new releases of the Issues Series books
  • Free shipping on individual publication orders
  • Participation in the award winning “Peeling Back The Bark” Blog
  • Priority access to library and archive reference and referral services
  • Discounts at meetings and conferences

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$ 75.00 Individual
$ 41.00 Student
$ 100.00 Friend

ASEH and Forest History Society joint memberships

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Find out more about the benefits of membership to the Forest History Society and the American Society for Environmental History. A membership or print subscription also includes on-line access to the journal Environmental History.

$ 126.00 Joint individual membership in FHS and ASEH
$ 56.00 Joint student membership in FHS and ASEH (with photocopy of current ID)

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