January 18, 2018

Gallery Essay Submission Guide

Thank you for your interest in the Gallery section of Environmental History. Before you submit your essay, though, let me explain in more detail what, exactly, we’re looking for in Gallery essays.

What the Gallery Essay is Not:

The essays in the Gallery section of Environmental History are not typical history essays with images attached. These essays are not meant to be shortened versions of longer history essays that might appear in the journal, but with images thrown in to supplement or support an argument being made by the author in the essay. The images in the Gallery essays, in other words, are not mere “window dressing” for arguments made from other historical source materials.

What the Gallery Essay Is:

Gallery essays begin with the image(s) or other material object(s). The argument of each essay derives from the visual images. This is very different than stating an historical argument, and then supplementing it with images. In many ways, the essays we’re interested in are similar in approach to American


Studies or Cultural Studies methodologies, which often examine visual materials as historic texts. The images in Gallery essays, in other words, are texts that are “read” by the author to make his/her argument in the essay. These images thus must be rich enough, and complex enough, to warrant detailed scrutiny and analysis.


In general, Gallery essays run between 6-10 manuscript pages or between 1800 and 3800 words (including notes). (In certain cases, we can accept submissions that are a bit longer.)


All Gallery essays should be submitted online through the ScholarOne system:


If Your Essay is Accepted:

You will receive a Graphics Information Sheet in a separate email that provides instructions on publishing images, including proper resolutions, permissions, and figure captions. Please remember that obtaining the images and permissions can be a lengthy process and that all images, figure captions, and permissions are due at the time of your final manuscript submission.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Finis Dunaway
Graphics Editor
Environmental History