February 17, 2018

Source Essays

In January 2006, Editor Mark Cioc added  a short “Sources” section to the journal to showcase unusual and innovative source materials of use to environmental historians.

Issue 16.2
Benjamin James Reilly
“Malaria, Protestants, and Google”

Issue 13.2
Mary Thornbush
“Postcards Used to Track Environmental History”

Issue 12.3
Jerald J. Dosch
“Dead birds’ tales: museum specimen feathers as historical archives of environmental pollutants”

Issue 12.1
Neil Macdonald
“Epigraphic records: a valuable resource in reassessing flood risk and long-term


climate variability”

Issue 11.4
Maria Lourdes D. Palomares, Elizabeth Mohammed, and Daniel Pauly
“European expeditions as a source of historic abundance data on marine organisms: a case study of the Falkland Islands”
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Issue 11.3
Gregg Müller
“Lichenometry and environmental history”

Issue 11.1
Jason A. Gilliland and Mathew Novak
“Positioning the past with the present: the use of fire insurance plans and GIS for urban environmental history”