December 17, 2017

Reflections Essays

In January 2003, then-Editor Adam Rome introduced  a new section, Reflections, which appears periodically. The Reflections series draw on personal experience, and reflect on broad issues in the field. They are particularly well-suited for teaching.

Issue 14.4 Matthew Evenden
“Environmental History Pedagogy Beyond History and on the Web”
Issue 12.4 James Feldman and Lynne Heasley
“Recentering North American environmental history: Pedagogy and scholarship in the Great Lakes region”
Issue 10.4 Stephen J. Pyne
“Burning border”
Issue 10.3 Lynne Heasley
“Reflections on walking contested land: Doing environmental history in West Africa and the United States”
Issue 10.2 Jonathan Spaulding
L.A.: light / motion / dreams: Developing an exhibition on the natural and cultural history of Los Angeles”
Issue 10.1 Nancy Langston
“Reflections on teaching World Forest History”
Issue 8.4 Ellen Stroud
“Reflections from six feet under the field: Dead bodies in the classroom”
Issue 8.4 Rolf Diamant
“Environmental history with a human face: Experiences from a new national park”
Issue 8.1 Paul Sutter
“What can U.S. environmental historians learn from non-U.S. environmental historiography?”