January 19, 2018

Field Notes

Environmental History is happy to introduce “Field


Notes” – a peer-reviewed, web-only feature that provides new insights into the practice of environmental history scholarship in the field, wherever that may be. We invite short essays, especially media-rich ones, that illuminate all parts of the research process, including, but not limited to, field work, archives, interdisciplinarity, digital tools and sources, outreach, and so on. Essays can also revisit classic texts through innovative readings or provide overviews of emerging research areas.

If you are interested in contributing a Field Notes essay, please contact the Digital Content Editor, Finn Arne Jørgensen, at fa@jorgensenweb.net.

Published Field Notes essays

Hayley Brazier: Practicing in Place: The Environmental History Retreat

Alexander Hall: Using digital techniques to broaden participatory approaches in environmental history: the Snow Scenes Exhibition.”

David Biggs: “New Spaces for Stories: Technical and Conceptual Challenges to Using Spatial Imagery in Environmental History.”
This Field Notes essay is a companion piece to the author’s Gallery essay “Frame DS1050-1006DF129: March 20, 1969? in Environmental History 19.2 (April 2014): 271-280. Available here.