December 17, 2017

Copyright Permissions

To obtain permissions to reprint material from the journal, please visit:

You may also find it helpful to contact the customer service department:

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When publishing an article in Oxford Journals, for the majority of the titles on our list you are not required to assign copyright to Oxford University Press and/or the learned society concerned. In addition to this, you retain a wide range of rights concerning future re-use of the material as detailed in the Publication Rights Policies section on our Web site (see link below this section).

For the uses specified in that section, please note that there is no need for you to apply for written permission from Oxford University Press in advance. Please go ahead with the use ensuring that a full acknowledgment is made to the original source of the material including the journal name, volume, issue, page numbers, year of publication, title of article and to Oxford University Press and/or the learned society.

The only exception to this is for the re-use of material for commercial purposes. Permission for this kind of re-use is required and can be obtained by emailing Oxford...

The following additional policy information and guidelines are provided for the benefit of our authors:

Publication Rights Policies for Authors
Clearing permissions for the use of third party material in articles
Archiving articles in repositories