January 19, 2018

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Environmental History coverElectronic back issues

Recent electronic issues 2012 – 1996 are indexed on this site, and also browsable through Oxford Journals.

Full-text (special for EH website)   6.2 April 2001    7.3 July 2002

Electronic back issues from January 1996 are also available on JSTOR on a three-year moving wall.

Print back issues

Print back issues of Environmental History from the current year and two previous years are available for purchase from Oxford Journals. For back issues from more than two years


ago, Oxford Journals cooperates with Periodicals Service Company. More comprehensive information for individual customers on accessing print back issues is available here.

Previous journal titles

The American Society for Environmental History previously published an academic journal under these titles:

    • Environmental Review (1976-1989)
    • Environmental History Review (1990-1995)

The Forest History Society previously published an academic journal under these titles:

    • Forest & Conservation History (1990-1995)
    • Journal of Forest History (1975-1989)
    • Forest History (1959-1974)
    • Forest History Newsletter (1957-1958)